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The Company

getmyhotel.com, founded in Switzerland, is a privately held company focused on hotel search services and tourism related advertising. It provides a most efficient hotel and lodging platform on the internet that reflects the latest trends and developments in the travel and tourism industry, taking into account the needs and requirements of travellers, travel professionals and hotels.

The Mission

To be the world's leading hotel and lodging platform through excelling in efficiency, customer care, value and innovation. In order to achieve this leading position GetMyHotel.com is working towards creating global service standards which will be the best in the industry. E-commerce solutions for hotels will be a major focus for the foreseeable future, and the company has plans to embrace and offer all the new technologies to the hotel industry, to achieve the vision to be the world's leading hotel and lodging contact-platform through increasing visitors, conversions and above all, improving the user's experience on-line. GetMyHotel.com dynamic and focused approach to its business means that it will be an integral part for each user when looking for an accommodation worldwide. The company will continue to drive each market's development, pioneer new products and, above all, deliver the service expected by all its customers and users.

The Difference

  • A single search reveals all elements that separate GetMyHotel.com from its competition: Ease to use, accuracy and speed.
  • GetMyHotel.com is one of the very few hotel portals on the worldwide web who connects the potential customer directly to the hotel by publishing all relevant information (address, telephone/-fax information) or even more.
  • We include all hotels, regardless of size, classification, hotel chains or location.
  • GetMyHotel.com facilitate the transaction for the traveller by reducing intermediaries and create transparency in the travel markets.
  • We are therefore not a hotel booking system.

The User Benefits

  • Fast and simple to use
  • GetMyHotel.com was designed for you - to make your travel planning experience easier and more affordable.
  • GetMyHotel.com is the easiest, fastest and most complete source for hotel information.
  • Potential direct customers and travel professionals can find most up-dated hotel information and can get connected to the Hotels for direct bookings.
  • Our search platform is constantly evolving, always aiming to simplify searches in response to user demands.
  • GetMyHotel.com focus on providing the best user experience possible.

The Hotel's Benefits

  • We provide Hotels a cost effective and focused positioning and worldwide market reach.

  • Free listing. Free tool to upgrade and update the hotel information.

  • An exceptional trend adapted marketing tool.

  • GetMyHotel.com allows hotels to take advantage of this highly targeted medium.

  • Hotels will be able to sell directly at the daily room rate without keeping allotments, without paying intermediaries.

  • Distribution channel costs will decrease. No more commission and distribution fees have to be paid.

  • Compared to traditional print advertising, low cost advertising modules available.

The Partnerships

Partnerships are key to our business operation. The company invests heavily in building relationships at all levels with its travel & tourism industry customers in order to understand the dynamics of each business, and to be able to meet our customer's expectations. This approach is decisive to the success of GetMyHotel.com long term partnerships across the globe.

The Innovation

Innovation is an integral part of GetMyHotel.com success. The company constantly strives to add value, to find new approaches, and to energise its markets. That is what sets us aside from our competitors.

The Development

What lies ahead? Great just isn't good enough. GetMyHotel.com pursuit of the perfect Hotel search engine has lead down many interesting path. The platform will soon be available in ten different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arab), automatic result translation and web-based reservation systems for hotel sites, directly exploited by the hotel itself are planned. Whatever is to come in the way of Hotel search technology, you can be assured that GetMyHotel.com is working to make it faster, more accurate and even easier to use.

The Business Model

GetMyHotel.com generates revenue through three programs: highly targeted tourism related advertising, hotel search services and licensing hotel reservation software for the hotel industry.

The Location

The Index Building in Stansstad, Switzerland is the Headquarter for the GetMyHotel.com organization, though the company is represented by sales agents around the globe.

Stanserstrasse 7
CH 6362 Stansstad NW

Telefon: +41 41 618 20 80
Fax: +41 41 618 20 70